Live Induction videos

Health and Safety Induction Videos

Health & Safety videos are used by companies to train and inform staff members and guests of possible hazards they might encounter while at work or during a visit to the company, and how to take the necessary precautions in case of such a hazard.
Health & safety videos are particularly relevant when a company employs staff members in an industrial environment. They are equally necessary in office-bound companies, as many companies use these videos in the orientation and induction programmes of their new staff.

  • The advantages of a company safety DVD is that it can be used repeatedly, and be reviewed by existing staff on a regular basis to keep them well informed and ready for any situation.
  • Many dangerous behaviors or practices may be difficult to describe in words. On video they can be re-enacted, making the safety training more effective and more likely to be understood.
  • A company safety DVD will serve as a valuable supporting tool for South African Health & Safety compliancy.

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